St. Joseph’s Catholic School is a parochial school in the Diocese of Savannah, Georgia. It is affiliated with Saint Joseph’s parish in downtown Macon. The school was originally founded in 1872 and continues to provide a quality Catholic education to children in grades PK3 through 6th.  The school is accredited by AdvancEd and employs a highly qualified staff of state certified teachers.


Community Outreach

Stewardship begins early with our SJS students as we try to live out our philosophy of "Faith in Action." We are given many opportunities to give of our time, talent, and treasures. Each day teachers and students begin their day with prayers which often includes praying for those in need. The money collected weekly from each class for our Missions is used for many community outreach programs which include: Loaves and Fishes, Family Advancement Ministries, St. Vincent d'Paul, Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, the Mentor Program, and Hearts for Heroes, just to name a few of those we have helped. Our Student Council and K- Kids also sponsor food drives throughout the year as well as make items for nursing homes. SJS strives to not only serve our immediate community but to assist to those throughout the world in their time of need.


Spiritual Life

As a ministry of Saint Joseph Catholic Church, our school provides our students a wealth of opportunities in the areas of faith formation and service to others. Students at our school are assisted in continuing to grow in faith and knowledge. Our students' faith lives include:

  • Weekly Mass
  • Daily religion curriculum in all grades as well as Sacramental preparation in second grade
  • Morning prayers and noonday blessings
  • Advent and Lenten events including grade level appropriate reconciliation
  • Lectoring and cantoring opportunities for students in grades 2-6
  • Prayer Buddies program
  • Retreat Days
  • Alter server training for sixth grade students



Why I choose SJS

When we moved back to Macon we were trying to decide which elementary school for our child. My husband is an SJS alumni and asked me to just go by and take a look and see what I thought. Instantly I knew this was the place for our child. The warmth from the faculty and staff that we saw on our visit has carried through to this day from kindergarten to his current, fourth grade!  When my son was in first grade he was struggling a little with reading and we were able to utilize the student success center. SSC along with his first grade teacher and paraprofessional helped him through this process. He is now an excellent reader!  So when I tell you, in both third and fourth grade, my son who lacked confidence in reading early on, is now reading scripture at mass in front of the entire school;  this mama's heart is full!  But it gets better, when his first grade teacher and his para pro told my son, that it literally brought tears to their eyes & how proud they were of him,  to hear him reading at mass; and stopped me in the carpool line to tell me the same- THIS IS WHY. 

This is why we choose SJS.

The teachers and staff care for our children like their own. They push them to excel, they teach them value & discipline, they love them and watch them grow! Saint Joseph's School is faith and education and so much more!!

Keith & Ashley Hatcher


“What? Wait. You aren’t Catholic are you?"  That’s the question that typically comes with raised eyebrows when friends or family members know that we chose a Catholic school for our children.  They certainly weren’t being critical or judgmental, just confused that we would chose a Catholic education when we ourselves are Baptist.  In fact, before choosing SJS, I had the same feeling….Catholics go to a Catholic school…right? 

But after several tours and just not feeling that we had found “the one”, I decided to look into SJS.  I realized they did accept children from another faith.  I did some research before we attended the orientation and saw that statistically, a Catholic education is superior and proven academically across the board.   We also knew we wanted a faith based education for our children.  Knowing that SJS checked both of those boxes for us, we attended the orientation.  The minute we stepped foot through the door, we knew it was the school for our family….from the small, intimate class size, to the loving teachers that have become my friends and loved my children as their own, to the continued perseverance by the administration and staff to provide cutting edge technology and educational tools to prepare these kids for the future….SJS has BECOME my family. 

We’re happy that we decided to think outside of the box thinking that only Catholics could go to a Catholic school.  We wanted an academically challenging, loving, faith-based education for our children….and we're grateful that’s what we have found with SJS.

Mrs. Leslie Clarke


Scott and I interviewed several schools when selecting which one would be right for our growing family. We looked at Heard Elementary, Alex II, St. Peter Claver, and St. Joseph’s among others. While all of the schools had wonderful elements about them; we realized that St. Joseph’s Catholic School was the best fit for our needs. That was over 5 years ago and little did we know how right we would be. We now have 3 children at St. Joseph’s Catholic School and continue to be impressed with the way our children blossom and learn. Not only are they getting a great education in Math, Reading and Science but the art, music, Spanish and physical education are just as important for them. However, for me, all of these pales in comparison to the importance of having them learn and understand about how faith should be a part of everything they do.  Not only do the children attend services weekly, they have prayer in school and can share and talk about how our faith needs to help ourselves and others in our community. For our society to continue to thrive; I believe it is important for us to never limit our faith education to the home or church meetings. It should be part of all education.  The mission of St. Joseph’s Catholic School of Faith through Education is one that I hold out for my family and cherish. We are very blessed to have St. Joseph’s Catholic School in our community and our children as part of the tradition of Catholic education.

Scott & Colleen Giffin


It is truly a blessing to be able to share God’s love with my students each and every day! I have taught in other schools where I was not able to talk about God.  At SJS, I am able to teach the whole child: mind, body and spirit in our warm, caring, loving school!!  I am so very thankful that I can share bible stories with my students and go to Mass each week! Being a Kindergarten teacher at SJS is the most wonderful place to be!! I am filled with joy each day that I come and teach such sweet, kind and loving children at our amazing school!

Lucinda Simpson
Kindergarten Teacher


SJS plays a significant role in our family with me being a teacher on staff as well as a parent. A quality Christian education was our primary focus for our children and SJS has such a loving and nurturing atmosphere with a spiritual base. Our kids are learning a great combination of academics and Christian values that will serve them throughout their lives. The devotion to our kids from ALL the staff is nothing short of outstanding. SJS is much more than work and school…its FAMILY!!!

Wendy Arnold

4K Teacher

Parent of Caitlyn and McKenna Arnold