For over 140 years the students at St. Joseph’s Catholic School have been taught in the rich Catholic tradition of educating students to be responsible members of society. Our staff believes that students acquire the basic building blocks for learning at an early age and therefore we strive to instill a strong academic foundation that can be built upon for life. We encourage learning through a multi-sensory approach that encompasses basic skills acquisition, higher level thinking and collaboration with others. Classroom instruction is delivered in a multitude of ways so that students’ varying learning styles are met. Within each classroom students are encouraged to be creative thinkers while developing wholesome attitudes and habits for learning.

We are proud that our students are taught in a Christ-centered environment that teaches them to be responsible for their actions, respectful towards others and compassionate for the less fortunate. The school staff endeavors to instill a life-long love of learning rooted in strong Catholic values.

The school curriculum is designed by the Office of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Savannah. A general overview of grade level objectives can be found on this website. 

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