School Admissions

St. Joseph’s Catholic School Admissions

St. Joseph’s Catholic School combines a superior education with a caring environment. Our goal is to equip our students with the ability and confidence to meet challenges and to always do their best. Our motto, “Faith in Education”, is accomplished by focusing on teacher-student relationships, expecting high performance, holding students to high expectations, and providing opportunities for exploration and personal growth in a faith based environment. Student achievement is consistently high due to strong teacher commitment and robust family and community support. 


St. Joseph’s Catholic School’s commitment to the learning process is reflected in a curriculum that adjusts to the unique needs of individual students while respecting the rights, interests, and personal dignity of each child.  The school’s sound academic curriculum prepares students to become productive members of society in a world that is becoming increasingly competitive.  Developed by the Diocese of Savannah’s Department of Catholic Education, our curriculum is based upon both national and state standards.

Spirituality & Faith Formation

We seek to prepare our children in mind and spirit during the most formative and vulnerable time of their lives so that they can live lives full of hope, joy, and peace, no matter what challenges they meet. Each day St. Joseph’s Catholic School presents opportunities for students to put their values to use – in the classroom, at lunch, and during recess.

Our School Community

The St. Joseph’s Catholic School community welcomes all families to be active participants in the life of our school. We encourage parents to partner with us, the faculty and staff, to meet the educational and spiritual needs of their children. Our hope is for all families to feel welcomed, valued, and connected to the SJS Family.

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