Through numerous grants, charitable foundations, a parish subsidy, and other generous donations, our school is proud to offer a rich academic experience to our students at a very affordable rate. The actual cost to educate each students is over $12,000.

Tuition Rates 2K:

Morning Session 7:40-11:30Full Day 7:40-6:00
Standard Rate$5,166.00$8,610.00

Tuition Rates 3K:

3K Full Day Catholic Rate:$6835.00
3K Full Day Standard Rate:$9255.00
3K 1/2 day Catholic Rate:$4101.00
3K 1/2 Day Standard Rate:$5553.00

Tuition Rates 4K – 6 th Grade:

Catholic Rate: $6835.00
Standard Rate: $9255.00

2K-6th Grade: $100 Application Fee

3K-6th Grade: $500 Textbooks and Supply Fee

2K-6th Grade: $100 Home and School Association Support Fee.

Family Discount

Families with three or more children attending Saint Joseph’s Catholic School simultaneously will receive a 10% concession on the third, and each subsequent, child’s tuition.

Student Withdrawal / Move

Families who move out of town after the start of the academic year will be charged a pro-rated fee based on a 180 day academic year.  Families who withdraw students for any other reason will be held accountable for the following percentages of yearly tuition:

Withdraw / Move
Prior to the start of the academic year20%
The start of school through November 1st40%
From November 1st through February 1st70%
After February 1st through the end of academic year100%

If you have questions about which tier applies to your family situation, please don’t hesitate to call our school Admissions Director, Debra Harrison.

Tuition payments are managed through FACTS MANAGEMENT.  To set up a new account or check your existing account log in to


Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available for families who demonstrate financial need. Although we make every effort to meet a family’s demonstrated financial need, we are not able to offer full tuition awards. Because awards are based on financial need as well as available funds, awards may range from $500.00-$2000.00. St. Joseph’s Catholic School has three forms of limited need-based financial assistance. To be considered for any of these, families must: 

1. Be registered and accepted for the upcoming school year.
2. Be current on all tuition and fees (applies only to students already enrolled at St. Joseph’s School) 
3. Complete an application online with FACTS Management.  Click on the Grant & Aid Assistance tab and follow the instructions. The deadline to apply with FACTS Management is March 1st.

SJCS financial aid – St. Joseph Church gives our school a generous subsidy each year and for this reason, this aid is offered to Catholic students only.

Diocesan tuition assistance – The Diocese of Savannah offers a small scholarship to minority students (African American, Hispanic) of any faith. The Diocese determines which students are eligible for this based on their financial need.

GRACE Scholars – To be eligible for a GRACE award, a student must be a resident of the state of Georgia and demonstrate financial need. The student is either entering a Catholic School for the first time at the second grade or above from a Georgia public school or a child eligible to enter first grade, Kindergarten or an accredited pre-kindergarten program is eligible for GRACE.  This application also has to be completed by March 1st.  Applications are available at

Once again, all of our tuition assistance programs are need-based. FACTS Management determines which families are eligible based on information, including the previous year’s tax return, submitted to them. The school receives these recommendations and determines how best to utilize the school and GRACE Scholars designated financial aid monies

NOTE: Parents of all students who receive tuition assistance must re-apply for tuition assistance each year.