Challenge is an enrichment program for students demonstrating mastery of reading comprehension and/or math computation skills at an advanced level. It is an academic program based on achievement and does not identify students as gifted and talented according to the definition established by the state of Georgia. All Challenge students are re-tested yearly to ensure that they continue to perform above their current grade placement, and students may move in and out of Challenge from year to year.

Challenge reading and math groups meet twice a week for 30-60 minutes, depending on grade level.

In addition to small group instruction, third through sixth grade students participate in a 40 minute per week Latin class. The Challenge program also sponsors numerous extracurricular activities that are open to any SJS student. These clubs include Chess & Scrabble, Science & Engineering, Robotics, Agriculture, Drama, Coding, Quiz Bowl and K-Kids.

Challenge Curriculum Summary


4K – 1st: Word-a-Day (vocabulary) & Book Club (reading comprehension)

Grade 2: Analogies & Literature Circle (reading comprehension)

Grade 3: Exploratory Latin & mythology

Grades 4 – 6: Interest-based projects


4K & K: Logic, number sense & place value

Grade 1: Measurement (linear, area, capacity), place value and mental math

Grade 2: Plane & solid geometry & mental math

Grade 3: Fractions, decimals, percent & mental math

Grade 4: Probability & logic

Grade 5: Algebraic equations & logic

Grade 6: Individualized, advanced mathematical concepts

Student Success Center (SSC) & After School Assistance (ASA)


The Student Success Center at Saint Joseph’s School meets every child’s need to succeed by offering individualized basic skills instruction in the areas of reading and math. Students are identified for enrollment in the program by referrals from teachers, results from standardized screenings, or scores on standardized tests. Teachers in the Student Success Center work very closely with classroom teachers and parents to provide the best instruction possible for each student.

After School Assistance is a grant funded program that provides study skills and homework assistance to individual or very small groups of students by a certified teacher. Students are provided a snack before instruction and are dismissed for the day at 4:30. After School Assistance is held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.