The Enrichment Program at St. Joseph’s Catholic School offers our students a well-rounded education and is designed to enhance and enrich our students’ academic experience. Enrichment classes aid in improving a student’s classroom performance and their self-confidence. St. Joseph’s Catholic School offers the following Enrichment classes: Art, Library/Media Technology, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Theatre Arts. 

Enrichment classes spark our students’ imagination and personal interests while emphasizing the importance of individual expression and creativity.

Pre-K2 participates in Art, Music, Library, and Physical Education. Students in pre-K3 through sixth grade attend all of our enrichment classes.  


In art class at SJS, we embark on a creative journey together, exploring various artistic mediums and techniques. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to express themselves through drawing, painting, sculpting, and various other mediums. They are encouraged to embrace their imagination and let their creativity shine.

Through hands-on projects and interactive lessons, students dive into color theory, process art, famous artists, and the elements and principles of design. They have the opportunity to nurture their artistic talents, enhance their visual perception, and develop a cultivation for the arts.

Art is not only about creating masterpieces but also about developing problem-solving skills, fostering self-confidence, and building an appreciation for individuality. A student’s growth as an artist is celebrated and cherished as they sharpen the gifts given to them by God himself.


St. Joseph’s Catholic School believes that are Readers are Leaders. The Media Specialist visits students in pre-K2 for a fun story time. Students in pre-K3 through sixth grade enjoy weekly Library classes. These classes are centered around research, reading, library instruction, and book talks. Students are encouraged to check out books at least once a week. 

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Music at St. Joseph’s Catholic School is focused on helping students become the saints God has created them to be. All children learn that music is a way to express their love for God and are encouraged to learn and participate in the Mass through song. The music program helps to develop “Beautiful, Tuneful, and Artful” children who experience and spread Christ’s love through music. Utilizing an Orff inspired program, pre-K2 through sixth grade students experience music as they learn to hear, sing, read notation, and play instruments. Lessons are active, with students engaging in singing games, folk dancing, music literary games, and creative activities. Third through sixth grades begin the transition to a more intense focus on studying theory and music history, playing in Orff instrument ensembles, and learning to play the recorder. Students in third through sixth grade can also choose to learn an instrument in a small group setting in the Wednesday Enrichment Clusters. Currently, the Wednesday Enrichment Cluster is offering beginning guitar.

The SJS Choir is open to students in grades third through sixth. The group is active in musical ministry, performing at weekly Mass accompanied by the beautiful pipe organ in the St. Joseph Catholic Church choir loft. In addition, the chorus sings at various special Masses, holiday events, and fine arts night. The choir will begin community outreach, spreading joy while singing for patients and their families at the Beverly Knight Children’s Hospital and the St. Paul’s Apartments for Seniors. St. Joseph’s Catholic School students have a wonderful time developing their talents and using music to spread Christ’s kingdom!

Physical Education/Health

The Physical Education and Health curriculum taught at SJS involves all students PreK-6th grade. Our mission is to “Energize and Educate Students for Healthy Lifestyles.” We meet twice a week for 40 minutes and plan one unit per quarter of Health based material. Students are given the opportunity to learn about exercise and healthy living and are encouraged to take their lessons home and live a healthy, active lifestyle. Health topics include drug and alcohol awareness, first aid and safety, nutrition, hygiene and character education. At SJS we work hard each day to give every student the opportunity of learning to move, moving to learn, and experiencing the joy of movement.


The Spanish language program at SJS provides an opportunity for students to gain a basic understanding of the spoken language and Hispanic culture. The building blocks of the curriculum are from the Diosese of Savannah, and is written for grades 3K-6th. All students receive at minimum, 30-60 minutes of instruction per week.

Studies have shown that the best time to learn a foreign language is in elementary school. Young children are more likely to be open minded, mentally flexible and use divergent thinking skills to enable them to process language. SJS students are ahead of the national curve. We are instructing at a global level by teaching a second language before ninth grade. By introducing a foreign language early, our students have a longer sequence of instruction and an increased likely hood to achieve true language proficiency.

At SJS, students grow to appreciate cultural diversity, and they develop a more tolerant and positive attitude towards the world around them. Ultimately, the study of a foreign language not only teaches students new communicative skills, but it also provides an enriching learning experience of culture and society.