The Enrichment Program helps by developing all the gifts and talents of every child in our care. St. Joseph’s School offers a wide array of enrichment classes to accommodate the needs and interests of every student.

Music and Art expose all grade levels to the Fine Arts. All students also have classes in Spanish, Computer, Physical Education/Health, and Library. The Enrichment Program

recognizes the uniqueness of each student by emphasizing the importance of individual expression and creativity.


Art class is a hands on experience for students as they study the elements of art and principles of design in a nurturing environment. A wide variety of art media are available for our students, and they receive instruction in an assortment of art materials during their weekly art classes from a certified art teacher.

Students work on many individual projects as well as group collaborations. Students also participate in art shows in the local community and a school wide Fine Arts Night. Our students learn another tool for communication through their art classes, and students leave St. Joseph’s Catholic School with a solid foundation of art skills from their wide variety of experiences.


St. Joseph’s is committed to the belief that technology instruction is an enhancement of the education process. Students in 4K through 6th grade attend weekly computer lab class classes with age appropriate curriculum. The lab experience helps students in the preparation of learning and improving computer skills as well as promoting discovery, creativity, investigation, and problem solving.

The computer lab at St. Joseph’s School has 27 computers and our Media Center has 32 I-pads which can be issued out to students and teachers for use in the classroom.


All students and staff are welcome in the Media Center. Weekly class visits provide time for research, reading, library instruction and book talks.

The Books & Bites program, for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, provides an opportunity for students to eat their lunch while listening to a book read aloud. The Library Assistant program allows older students a chance to help in the library and learn how it operates.

The Georgia Children’s Book Award nominees are read and discussed by all students. This statewide program promotes reading by allowing all participating schools to vote for their favorite books. Competitions about these books are available for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

The Media Center supports the curriculum and strives to create a positive attitude toward the pursuit of knowledge and reading. Our goal is to create lifelong learners.

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Music at Saint Joseph’s School allows every child the opportunity to experience and perform through singing, playing and movement. In grades Pre-K through second grade, the focus of the once a week class is to foster a love and feel for the movement of music. Through singing, games and listening, students begin to explore their own personal response to the music around them. Third grade begins the transition to a more intense focus on music theory and notation. Fourth through sixth grades have music twice a week, and students are engaged in singing, playing the recorder and studying theory and music history. In addition to weekly classes, all classes participate in a Christmas program in December and Fine Arts Night in the spring. The choir performs at various special Masses for the school and the Church as well as a variety of outside performances at venues such as Bass Pro Shop and the Macon Federated Garden Clubs Open House. The choir meets during school on long Tuesdays, and is open to all students in grades three through six.

Physical Education/Health

The Physical Education and Health curriculum taught at SJS involves all students PreK-6th grade. Our mission is to “Energize and Educate Students for Healthy Lifestyles.” We meet twice a week for 40 minutes and plan one unit per quarter of Health based material. Students are given the opportunity to learn about exercise and healthy living and are encouraged to take their lessons home and live a healthy, active lifestyle. Health topics include drug and alcohol awareness, first aid and safety, nutrition, hygiene and character education. At SJS we work hard each day to give every student the opportunity of learning to move, moving to learn, and experiencing the joy of movement.


The Spanish language program at SJS provides an opportunity for students to gain a basic understanding of the spoken language and Hispanic culture. The building blocks of the curriculum are from the Diosese of Savannah, and is written for grades 3K-6th. All students receive at minimum, 30-60 minutes of instruction per week.

Studies have shown that the best time to learn a foreign language is in elementary school. Young children are more likely to be open minded, mentally flexible and use divergent thinking skills to enable them to process language. SJS students are ahead of the national curve. We are instructing at a global level by teaching a second language before ninth grade. By introducing a foreign language early, our students have a longer sequence of instruction and an increased likely hood to achieve true language proficiency.

At SJS, students grow to appreciate cultural diversity, and they develop a more tolerant and positive attitude towards the world around them. Ultimately, the study of a foreign language not only teaches students new communicative skills, but it also provides an enriching learning experience of culture and society.