In 1872, the pastor of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Reverend L. X. Basin, offered the church basement in downtown Macon to the newly formed public school system for use as classrooms. Listed as the “Fourth Street School” on public school records, St. Joseph’s began as the first unit of the public school system of Macon. Two Sisters of Mercy taught children of all faiths which we continue to do to this day. The Catholic students remained after school for religion class and to preparation of the sacraments. All Catholic children, regardless of school ward, were permitted to attend the Sisters’ school. This arrangement continued at different locations until 1902.

Under the leadership of its pastor, Reverend Joseph Winkelreid, S.J., St. Joseph’s Parochial School was organized with four Sisters of Mercy as teachers. The old Crutchfield home located on High Street served as the school’s location. In 1953, a newly constructed school building replaced the Crutchfield home. Since then, the school has completed three additions. The first in 1981, the second in 1992 when a second story was added. Then in 2013, St. Joseph’s Catholic School built a new gymnasium with extra classroom space.

Starting with the 1995-1996 school year, the seventh and eighth grades were dropped with the students transferring to our partner school, Mount de Sales Academy. In 2004, St Joseph’s Catholic School opened a four year old preschool program with a three year old program opening in the fall of 2016. St. Joseph’s Catholic School will open a two year old program in June 2020.

Located in historic downtown Macon, St. Joseph’s Catholic School continues to have a prominent place in our local community. While cherishing our rich history, St. Joseph’s Catholic School accepts the challenges of the millennium and continues to strive for excellence in education in downtown Macon.


St. Joseph’s Catholic School is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment, delivering academic excellence rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ.