Values & Beliefs

St. Joseph’s School espouses a set of beliefs that stem from core values that are central to our faith and serve to ensure the success of our students as they become productive citizens of the world.


We believe that courage to stand firm in the teachings of the Gospels will enable students to serve and lead in an ever-changing world.


We believe in adhering to the highest standards of Catholic Christian ethical conduct to ensure that words and actions reflect the tenets of our faith.


We believe that Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church form the core of everything we do.


We believe that we live our faith in community through a commitment to serve others with humility.


We believe that accepting responsibility for one’s actions and inactions builds and strengthens character.


We believe that a “can do” attitude and accepting setbacks as merely stepping-stones to ultimate success will prepare students for the challenges that await them throughout life.


We believe that our students are the future leaders of the world.


We believe that inspiring a lifelong love of learning establishes the foundation for academic excellence.