Preschool Program and Leadership
By Heather Knowles

Growing classes and adding more children, now at the toddler age, requires the best teacher supervision and school leadership possible. To meet the needs of these preschool children and to better serve them, their families, and the classroom teachers, a school leadership position was proactively identified and recently added.

Mrs. Wendy Arnold, a veteran teacher of 22 years, who has taught 4K at SJS for the last 15 years, has been selected to be the new SJS Preschool Director and Assistant to the Principal. She holds a Masters of Education degree in Special Education and is currently completing a Masters of Education degree in Educational Leadership.

Her heart for SJS is huge and began when her second daughter was born. At that time, Mrs. Arnold was seeking out a school which both her daughters could attend and which would also be a place where she might, eventually, be happy to teach. She was drawn to SJS 15 years ago because of its faith- based curriculum. This remains her favorite aspect of the school.

Now, as a mother of two daughters who have both attended SJS, Pre-K through 6th grade, and who are currently students at Mount de Sales Academy, she realizes a vision for the Preschool Program: one day, SJS could also grow to care and teach children from birth to 6th grade.

SJS is growing to meet the needs of families in our community. The school now has an established Preschool Program, which prides itself in providing learning experiences, as well as a rigorous curriculum, for the development of young minds. Equally important is the nurturing of the child’s individual talents and interests. Children in 3K and 4K attend all enrichment classes, just as students in kindergarten through 6th grade do. They also receive instruction in Spanish, Music, Art, Physical Education, Computer and attend the library for read-alouds and literacy development activities.

SJS (private school in Macon Georgia) realizes the various needs toddler-children and families may have, and so they offer half-day care and full-day care options in the 2K and 3K programs.

We hope you will schedule a tour to learn more about our Preschool Program and enroll your child to begin their elementary school journey.